Work and Play

Lauren tries on some bling from her grand-ma’s collection

Greetings 2019ers,
   The year is halfway over and life seems to be accelerating along. I’m still gainfully employed 3 days a week when I’m in town, but have been making an effort that when something good comes along to cross off the schedule and go for it. Three trips to FL in the first three months to see my young 92 year old mom and 27 year old Lauren were fun, along with helping my photography buddy Don do a project for the artists known as the Florida Highwaymen before they pass on to that great canvas in the sky. Then a new kitesurfing destination in Mexico with some whale shark swimming and cactus trail bike riding during the low wind days was a good winter break.
     In April I headed back to South Padre Island, TX for some more kiting, and then did a 48 hour turnaround to go north to Sitka, Alaska with my dental assistant, Regine to teach a dental course to hospital folks. Two months later I was back in Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands for a 2 week contract in Sand Point, and enjoyed the July 4th celebration in small town style with a parade of kids on bikes with the police and fire engine escorts.
    Most recently I went to Lake Tahoe to visit friends Steve and Diana who have a summer place there, and did some great biking, hiking and of course pickleball with new found competition on the courts at the Squaw Valley resort. That trip was made even better with my new girlfriend Lynn, who likes outdoor recreation at least as much as I do, and then some. The key seems to be to keep moving but smell the roses along the way too. I’ve signed up for a few more trips for the remainder of the year, including a return to Antarctica in December, so it’s a nice balance of work and play to avoid any issues of dental burnout.
    Hope your summer is humming along to a happy tune. Send some news from home and enjoy the sun and rain.
    Traveling Bob

A good snow day in Colorado for some cross country skiing

My buddy Don setting up for the photo project in FL

1850’s style photo portrait known as wet plate collodion

Biking with George on the Mexican cactus trail

Teaching hospital workers in Sitka some dental skills

July 4th celebration in Sand Point, AK

A giant vacuum hose sucks salmon from the hold of this
boat at the cannery in Sand Point

King Salmon like this are then processed and shipped out

Salmon eggs are collected and sold as caviar

A hike to Sand Dollar Beach in Alaska

Lynn is all smiles when she’s hiking

Biking along the epic Flume trail along Lake Tahoe