Wench night!


A little yoga on top of Ob Hill


Chumming up with the helo mechanics

Hi peace and quiet fans,

            Last night I ended up at the Coffee House, which is a triple Quonset hut not far from the dorms that is known as a quiet place for meeting folks and maybe playing some board games like Scrabble. I got a Scrabble match going but a nearby table had a rowdy group of women of vulgarity that cackled all night in outside voices and must have had a contest going to see if they could incorporate a four letter word in every sentence. Maybe we missed the memo that it was wench night, and it was somewhat entertaining but got old after a while, so we tried to ignore them and enjoy our game along with some tea and Starbucks hot cocoa, which I recently discovered to be as good as my usual favorite, Swiss Miss.

            Sunday is our day off from laboring at the station, so when it looked like the weather was in a cooperative mood we filed our plan with the firehouse to hike to the top of Observation Hill, locally known as Ob Hill, which is a 750 foot climb right out the back of the station. It was windless, sunny and a clear 5 degrees which made it ideal for a day outside, so 5 of us hiked to the top to enjoy the view of the frozen sea and the mountains beyond. My Colorado training with my cross country ski and hiking friends made it easy to keep up with the 2 folks who are experienced mountaineers and Search and Rescue guides, and we hope to do more outdoor fun when weather and time permit.

            Yesterday we got a chance to tour the helicopter hanger where the mechanics are putting the finishing touches on the birds that will shuttle the scientists around the continent once the research projects get going again next month. I’m working on my smoozing to try and grease the power brokers who decide who might get to ride on an available seat when a helo takes off for distant camps, so we’ll see how successful I am when the pilots arrive in a few weeks. Meanwhile I’ve signed up to be a shuttle driver for the Thursday night jaunt over to Scott Base, so I can get a little driving experience on the icy roads. Looks like the dinner bell is ringing so I’m off to the galley to fill up on Antarctic cuisine.


                        Ob Hiker Bob