Retirement is fun and busy

Hola Summer worshipers,   

 It’s been a full 5 weeks since I retired from my dental practice, and so far so good. There have been parties, trips near and far, and plenty of family time with Robin and her kids and grandkids. Close to home we had an encounter with a mother bobcat who hung out for 3 days until her 2 babies figured out how to climb down from the neighbor’s pine tree, and some moose cooling off in a nearby stream until the wildlife folks tranquilized them to relocate them to a more remote part of the state. A family trip to Mexico provided plenty of beach time along with flooding rains, but everyone got along with the benefit of cooling drinks and seafood by the pool. Other trips to kitesurf, windsurf, bike and hike have kept the muscles moving and our brain functioning at a level to keep us out of the nursing home or memory care units for now. A dinner meeting and lunch next day with a Medicare broker are sobering reminders of our age, but we’re in full denial as long as we can jump out of bed with a smile and only a few aches and pains every morning.     A trip to Tucson to meet Robin’s dad and other family members went well despite the 100+ heat everyday, and we managed to hit Oregon’s hottest week of the summer as well. That should be balanced out by an upcoming contract I’ve signed to work a few weeks in Kotzebue, Alaska, which I had to look up and discover is 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Robin is coming along for the ride on that one too and no doubt will run the streets in the early morning hours while I prepare to do some dentistry in a new setting.   


Retired but not done with teeth yet Bob

Champagne to celebrate my dental practice sale to Paul

Disco party time- the shoes were my favorite

Robin’s grandkids with their Easter Egg hunt prizes
Kite beach on South Padre Island, TX
Robin gets her intro lesson on a windsurfer in Texas
Flooded streets in Isle Mujeres, Mexico
Hiking scenery close to home
Saguaro cactus outside of Tucson
Mother bobcat on the neighbor’s shed

Bull moose cooling off in the stream near our house
The blown out north slope of Mt St Helens
Bike trail overlooking the Columbia River in Oregon
Gopher snake along the bike trail
Robin at the helm on a 42 ft sailboat on the Columbia River
Chef Bob prepping the fire for brats and burgers on a recent night hike