Palmer Station experiences

Hi Glacier fans,

I’m wrapping up a week at this beautiful place with amazing people, many of whom have clean teeth. I saw 25 folks in the dental corner of the medical office, and everyone left with a smile. In between I got to do some hikes to the face of the glacier, and was rewarded with some spectacular ice crashing into the bay with a thundering sound and a pressure wave generated over the surface. Add to that the hot tub overlooking the whole scene and you get the idea that life isn’t too harsh in this part of the world.

I also enjoyed some rousing ping pong matches with the locals, some of whom were better sports than others. At one point my coveted paddle went missing and in its place was a ransom note, but through some clever negotiations I was able to retrieve it and keep it under wraps until we departed.

Pete the doc was a fast learner and my able bodied assistant, and even graduated with a certificate after successfully placing a filling on a willing participant. He has a few more months to go with his contract, but seems very at home in this close knit community. The rest of us are scheduled to depart in a few short hours for the 5 day trip back to Chile, all the while hoping for some calm seas through the Drake Passage.

Station manager Bob after his successful dental treatment

Hanging out by the glacier waiting for some calving to splash down

Palmer hot tub overlooking the glacier

The brash ice is finally moving away from the base to reveal some open water

Pete the doc gets his dental certificate

Pete and Cody decided to take some revenge out on my ping pong paddle