No longer a pod cast virgin

Autumn greetings,
      Last month I got to do my first podcast with a dentist named Howard Farran who does a lot on social media, and it was more fun than I had imagined. He called me a while back and set it up with Skype, which meant I had to come up with my password, which is always a challenge for an account that hasn’t been used in a while. The link is below, but be warned it’s over an hour long so it might be a good insomnia treatment.
Dr. Robert Alan Koff DMD, the Frozen Dentist of Antarctica
      I have one more short week of work and am then heading down to Chile to board a research icebreaker to work at the research station called Palmer. The vessel is named after Laurence McKinley Gould, an American scientist who had explored both the Arctic and Antarctic. Wikipedia (control/click on this link to read more about the ship). I’ll then return to Chile in late December to goof off for a few weeks before flying to New Zealand in early January to do my usual 6 week contract at McMurdo and the South Pole.
     I’m been enjoying the relative warmth of Colorado for the past few weeks, and appreciating fresh raspberries and bananas among other “freshies” which I’m not likely to see for a few months. I’ll get some home cooked turkey and dressing before some long plane rides and six days at sea. I should have email access most of the time and always appreciate news from home, so sharpen your keyboard.
     Have a great holiday season as we enter the futurist sounding year of 2020.
    Bob the podster

An early Colorado snow made for a scenic hike at 11 Mile Reservoir