Lauren Graduates!

Greetings earth bound friends,

It’s been another enjoyable spring back in the good old USA, starting with Lauren’s graduation with her MBA and continuing to work full time with her non-profit Mind and Melody down in Florida. She’s done a great job jumping into the real world and continues to impress me with her achievements.

I’m still working too, and signed up to go back to Alaska in May to Sitka and then King Cove in the Aleutian Islands. I taught some dentistry to folks who signed up for a Wilderness Advanced Life Support conference in Sitka, and got to attend the rest of the course as well, which was super. Then flew off to King Cove and worked for 3 weeks on the locals. I hiked on the weekends and saw some bears, eagles, hawks, foxes and even a shy porcupine, but managed to walk out alive and smiling.

Back home, the most aggressive animal I’ve had to deal with is a raccoon who chewed through the metal barrier on my chimney and set up housekeeping above my fireplace. My smoky fire evicted most of the family, but it appears I may have roasted one or two evidenced by the cloud of flies in my basement a few weeks later. Yesterday I donned protective gear and scraped and vacuumed all the debris I could reach in the flue, hoping to avoid getting the hanta virus and getting rid of the flies, which seems to have worked out so far.

So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and hope your home is free of bears, raccoons and other uninvited guests.


Flyless Bob

Graduation in Gainesville, FL

Bald eagle’s nest along the shore in King Cove

A sleepy looking fox in Alaska

The ride out of King Cove on a clear, sunny day

My niece Caroline and Orion came to town
for the beginning of the Colorado concert season

A pesky raccoon ate through my steel cover on the chimney

Ready to scrape out the remains in my fireplace flue