Kiting Success!

Sailing along the bay with the wind at my back

Sailing along the bay with the wind at my back

October 2013

Hi kite fans,

            Last month my buddy, Dave called and told me his wife decided she didn’t want to go to Texas to hang out while he perfected his kite sailing skills, and asked if I would like to join him for a week on the water. It took some arm twisting and almost 10 minutes to cross out my schedule and book the tickets, and a few weeks later we were on the beach and ready to make it happen. I’ve been stuck at “mid-beginner” for what seems like a few years now, and was determined to either get the hang of kite sailing or put my gear up for sail and move on to a more suitable old guys sport like golf. I signed up for what turned out to be a “breakthrough” lesson and within a few days I was zipping across the water with my kite firmly attached to my waist, and had a ball. We spent half our time at the beach known as the flats in South Padre Island, and the only mishap was when I decided to take a shortcut across the soft sand and ripped out the plastic underside of the car that we had initialed on the rental agreement that we would NOT be driving on the beach. Fortunately between my dental and Dave’s machinist skills we were able to reattach the piece that I had left on the beach that afternoon and we could continue to sail with a clear conscience. I’m more hooked now than ever, and will be looking for a place to rig my kites and sail in Florida when I go down to visit Pat and Lauren for the holidays.

            It’s back to work for now though, and I went to an implant lecture today with Jack, the dentist I share an office with in Colorado Springs. I picked him up this morning with light snow on the ground and the thermometer pegged at 12 degrees F. When Jack asked what I thought of the weather I reminded him that a year ago I was down south on the ice and a day like this would be considered a pleasant summer day. So it’s all about attitude and perspective, and I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one with more holiday fun to follow. And, if you really want to get in the holiday spirit, since Hanukah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day you can order a Menurkey from an enterprising 9 year old who created a turkey menorah.


     Kiter Bob