Home at last!

Walking around Christchurch and finding our peeps

Yo homies,
        On the second day of the citywide lockdown of Auckland, much to our relief, they let our plane fly out, (or maybe they threw us out) and sent us back to the US. Since I have a United Airlines credit card, it comes with a few United Club lounge passes that I rarely get to use, but figured it would be a good place to hang out in the Los Angeles airport for my 6 hour layover. I found the lounge and settled in with the meager pickings of an apple, some dried fruit and juice. The place was all but deserted, but a lady who reminded me of one of our managed isolation guards came over to admonish me to wear a mask while I was in the lounge. I looked up and told her I would put my mask back on as soon as I was done eating, but she instructed me that the policy was even if I was eating that it was necessary to wear a mask in between bites! I then asked if it was necessary to put it on between breathes as well, at which point she realized I was one of those non-compliant types and that I would have to leave if I did not follow her directives. So I finished my snack and left the lounge to spend the rest of the time in the terminal with the unwashed masses. I then filed a complaint at the customer service desk, knowing that she would probably be rewarded for getting rid of another trouble maker that was not helping the airline return to profitability.
     The last flight to Denver was uneventful except when the pilot announced it was zero degrees outside and we should be prepared for extreme conditions on the ground. That brought a laugh from two guys in my group since they were in shorts and a few weeks ago we were at the South Pole and it was -60F.
    I stayed with my buddy Ron that night and he graciously drove me home to Colorado Springs the next morning. I’ve been home a few days now and it’s been a wonderful return to all the comforts. I got a call the next day to get the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and since I had a few weeks off but was unable to travel the next best thing the day after was prostate surgery to deal with an ongoing benign condition. It’s a right of passage if you’re male and live long enough to experience an enlarging prostate, so the post surgical catheter has been an interesting experience. Hopefully that will end tomorrow and I can enjoy a few weeks of relaxation before returning to work.
    Hope your heat and hot water are running smoothly.
    Catheter Bob

Christchurch Botanical gardens gum tree