Gulag Novotel

Hi virus evaders,
      Our cohort escaped the US as the numbers seem to be exploding, and 25 hours later we landed in Christchurch New Zealand in our chartered 767. I ate, napped, and lost track after 8 movies but felt pretty good when we deplaned with masks and gloves supplied by the Kiwis as we like to call our hosts. The next hour was spent in a series of lines and answering questions about out past and present health. Once we gathered our bags we were handed over to the New Zealand Defense Force and will be under their supervision for the next two weeks under Managed Isolation, as opposed to unmanaged chaos which our country seems to have embraced.
          The front of the hotel has a small walking area for our outside exercise after signing out with a lady with a clipboard, but I was alone walking around in a light gale of wind and rain this afternoon. Tomorrow might be nicer, so I’ll just hang out and do some room activities for the rest of today.
     Dinner was delivered an hour ago, and the chicken and potatoes were decent. I’ll save the cheese and crackers for another day when the entree is less appealing since we don’t have choices like we did in our last place in New York.
     Hope you are well and can avoid becoming a statistic in the Johns Hopkins post.
Isolating Bob
                                              Our chartered 767
Hotel line to get screened and questioned