Flight to freedom

New penguin scrubs!

Hola amigos,

I made it back from the South Pole last Saturday, and have had a full dental schedule for the past few days. I finished everyone and had a half day yesterday to pack and get ready to depart, plus some good pickleball after dinner last night. I just found out the plane from New Zealand took off an hour ago, so in 4 hours it should be here, and a few hours later it will be taking us to warm weather and sunshine in Christchurch. Then we have a few days of freedom to play tourist before getting on the flight back to the US, which is scheduled for Sunday.

     Another good adventure about to come to an end, and I’m ready to pick up life back in Colorado. Time to get the vaccine, get back to work, and learn about life with the virus as I adjust to the real world again, including fresh fruits and vegetables! Hope you are well and looking forward to seeing many of you down the road.
   Homebound Bob

Two adelie penguins hanging out

More adelie penguins ready to molt

A Weddell seal out for a swim

Break time on the ice