Fire and Rain

Hello fire-free fans,

Pat, my mom and I converged on Maine a few weeks ago for a week of visiting friends and indulging every day in lobster in the form of salads, sandwiches and whole plate loads. We drove, biked and boated around the state, and had our share of rain in between days of sunshine. The LL Bean store open 24/7 was fun for a late night shopping excursion, while the whale and puffin cruise left us wondering if those little specs in the water were puffins or bobbing Coke bottles.AcadiaNational parkwas beautiful when we could see it through the fog while Bar Harbor seemed to have succumbed to the tourists who thirst for ice cream and knick-knacks. The best part of the trip was reconnecting with friends we hadn’t seen in a few decades and we all lied endlessly about how none of us had aged at all!

I flew home to Colorado Springs to the most destructive forest fire in the history of the state, and stayed with friends for a few days until the evacuation of my neighborhood was lifted. The day I flew in, the flames looked like a scene from the apocalypse, and while Pat and Lauren worried about irreplaceable photo albums and stuff collected during the past 20 years in our house, I was hoping my windsurfing, biking and ski gear were safe. We were lucky that our house was untouched, but just a mile away the neighborhood was reduced to ashes, and a number of my friends lost everything they couldn’t haul off in the rush to evacuate. Everyone agrees that the 1600 firemen from all over the country and the local police did a great job, and we all had a sobering lesson of the transient nature of a lifetime of accumulated possessions.

In more southern news, it’s -23F at McMurdo and -92F at the south pole right now, as I contemplate the 40 day countdown to my Antarctic adventure. I’ve got three more weeks of work before I head toFloridato spend some time with Pat and Lauren and soak up some heat to carry me through the frozen months. My computer savvy buddy Rod set up a web site titled, so you can read all about my time at the bottom of the world.

Hope your summer is going along well and write some news from home.


(not) burned out Bob

Hiking in fog shrouded Maine


Lobster-Meister Matt serves up a feast


A house reduced to ashes in a nearby neighborhood