Close and personal to Mt Yasur volcano

Click to see movie of Explosive lava reaches for the sky


A visit to the Island of Tanna in Vanuatu is worth the trip for the chance to get on the rim of Mt Yasur, a thundering, magma spewing volcano that never disappoints. It seems like I signed a waiver that said standing on the rim of a volcano belching hot lava every five minutes might be dangerous but I don’t think there is a lawyer within 1500 miles of here anyway. There were three vantage points from the rim that were all upwind of the toxic sulfur gases, and the constant rumblings and fiery explosions were mesmerizing. We were also advised that if a cascade of rocketing two thousand degree lava was arcing in our direction, to keep an eye on the trajectory and calmly step aside instead of running like a screaming banshee. We stayed as is got dark enough to contrast the red explosions against the night sky, and then were herded back to the trucks to return to our unscorched habitats. Truly an unforgettable setting and experience.

The thundering crater as seen from the rim

The west side of the volcano has an ash plain that extends for miles

Another fiery explosion gets our attention