To the South Pole and back in 4 days!

Aloha winter folks,

      Last week I made it all the way south, took care of the dental needs of “The Polies” as they are called, and returned to McMurdo 4 days later, which is just about the right amount of time to enjoy the -40F to -50F setting. McMurdo was hopping with the ship offloading its cargo, followed by the fuel ship which is almost ready for the icebreaker escort back to the open sea. Hopes are high for the Air Force C-17 jet to resume service between New Zealand and McMurdo to cut the return trip down to 5 hours instead of 8, so it should be smooth sailing by the time I get out of here on February 15th.

I’m booked for a week in New Zealand, then 10 days in New Caledonia to check out the beaches, kite sailing, scuba diving and French bakeries. My mom has agreed to join me since Florida seemed a little tame and she was up for some adventure travel.

I’ve got what I think will be my last root canal of the season this afternoon, and will finish up with lots of check-ups and cleanings for the folks that are spending the winter here. Pickleball and ping pong are still going strong, with a few walks to the water in hopes of seeing penguins, seals and whales.

Send some news from home and enjoy the rest of winter.


Almost liberated Bob

The unheated passenger terminal at the South Pole- only 52 below that day!

The fuel ship is in town to offload 5 million gallons for the next 12 months

Eggs Florentine and Mimosas for 12 in the medical kitchen

McMurdo medical crew poses in the trauma bay

Broken dental suction switch replaced with dental composite and an embedded paper clip




Back on the Ice for the 5th Time!

Greeting Northerners,

I made it down to McMurdo two weeks ago after an extra day in New Zealand, and have stayed busy working on 8 root canals, 3 wisdom teeth extractions, numerous fillings and cleanings, and a few ear wax removals with my dental suction. The weather’s been a mix of sun and snow, with enough recreational opportunities to get out on hikes and bikes and stay indoors for ping pong and pickleball in between.

I’m scheduled for a trip to the South Pole on the next flight to take care of the folks that need some dental care down there, and then return to McMurdo for a few more weeks. The cargo ship docked yesterday, so we’re celebrating with fresh eggs and oranges for brunch, and mimosas compliments of Mike and Megan’s stash. The medical crew has been great with some new faces and a few folks returning from previous years, but I’m the old vet with 5 seasons of coming down here.

I hiked this morning and saw my first penguin, a solitary Emperor hanging out on the ice shelf looking for fun. Back at the clinic, Eggs Florentine worked out well, so it’s off to a nap and a quiet afternoon.

Write some news from home and enjoy the sunshine.


Biking Bob

Fat tire biking on the glacier over the ocean

Posing on the Cat tractor after it’s 2000 mile traverse to the South Pole and back

The Polar Star Ice breaker makes a path though the Ross Sea

When a plain hand mixer just doesn’t have the horsepower for Hollandaise