Aurora Australis and the Knights

Southern lights from the South Pole


Bob adds new fashion sense to the Knights initiation

Greetings Northern Hemispherers:

            When the conditions are just right, the southern hemisphere can put on quite a light show, and the picture above was sent by the physician currently stationed at the South Pole research station. I’ll get to pay a visit there later in the year, but by then it will be 24 hours of daylight and temps warming up to 50 below instead of the temperature reported yesterday of -95! I’m getting to know the members of the winter team in Antarctica through email and in case you thought my sense of humor and adventure was off center it sounds like these folks are off the charts. Needless to say I should fit right in and may need a thorough debriefing and brain scrub before returning to my mild mannered life after this jaunt to the pole.

            In more local news, yesterday I was formally invited to join a great group of guys called the Saturday Knights, which is a hiking group that has been around over 100 years in Colorado Springs. You can see from the picture that I wore my most fashionable hiking attire, which is especially tailored to highlight my Atlas-like physique. I was honored and flattered to join the Knights, and hope to continue hiking with them for many years to come once I return from the Ice. Meanwhile I’ve got one more week of work to wrap up the dental practice, then head to Florida to see the ladies before a little Oregon windsurfing to push the adrenaline meter up a notch in preparation for the launch to the frozen continent. Packing up all the dental goodies I’ve acquired the past few weeks along with some warm clothes is a challenge and it looks like I’ll need an exception to my usual carry-on only rule, but I’ve heard those cargo plans are pretty roomy. Hope you’re staying cool this summer, and I’m not complaining since in a few short weeks I’ll be experiencing a new paradigm of dark and cold.


               Baking in Colorado Bob