Auckland lockdown!

Kaikoura whale adventure and sperm whale tooth

Hi travel hounds,
     After 2 days of traveling around Christchurch with no restrictions, the  hammer came down last night after we arrived in Auckland in hopes of boarding our flight to Los Angeles.  All the mobile phones of the airport workers went off at once in an Amber alert tone, signaling that a city wide lockdown was now in effect because three people had tested positive for the virus in the city.  Compare this to the US bragging that their daily rate had just dropped to ONLY 80,000 cases. As a result, our flight was cancelled, and after only a few hours we were bussed to a hotel for safekeeping.  We got rooms and were fed a late dinner, and are now waiting to see if we need to check out or stay indefinitely as the government sorts out the details of this new outbreak. Certainly there are worst places to be stuck, but sitting in a hotel room was not my idea of a post season excursion.
      I splurged on eggs Benedict for breakfast, and I have my usual survival jar of peanut butter that could last a few days if needed, so it’s now a waiting game of airline cancellations and hotel shuffling as the story unfolds. Hope you are healthy and warm as the polar vortex descends on the homeland.
    Lockdown Bob

Sperm whale off Kaikoura north of Christchurch

Sperm whale heading to the depths

Dolphins around our whale watch boat