Alaska wrap-up

Hi foodie fans.     

My dental locums work ended yesterday after 4 weeks of working on interesting patients in a practice with a wonderful staff, and I think we all learned some new skills along the way. At the same time my last guests left earlier in the week following a seafood fest of home cooked dinners of salmon, king crab, halibut, shrimp and scallops with fresh picked berry cobbler for dessert. One afternoon a friend dropped off freshly caught salmon with her home baked sourdough bread, left in the kitchen while I was at work since the house is left unlocked as most places are in Sitka. The extra pounds from all this indulgence was balanced with hiking, biking , kayaking and Pickleball so no need for an additional notch on the belt yet.   

Randy and Gary from Colorado Springs enjoyed their visit and even saw a bear on one of their bike rides to add to their tales of Alaska. However  I couldn’t convince them to go to the Independence Day 11:30PM fireworks since that was when it was finally dark, but otherwise they took advantage of their “all inclusive” package at the house we all shared.      

An eagle on the shore feasting on salmon and jellyfish just below the surface of the water were unexpected sights on my kayak run after work a few nights ago, so there are still surprises when you head outdoors here. I’m heading back to Colorado tomorrow morning to enjoy some time at home and hope your summer is going well too.


Packed up Bob