Alaska Gig

Hi Summer Solstice fans,   

A few months ago a dentist in Sitka, Alaska contacted me and asked if I would consider keeping his office open while he went on vacation for a month with his family to his favorite fishing cabin in a remote part of the state. He said he’d fly me up, I could live in his house facing a beautiful bay and he’d pay me to work in his office. As you can imagine it didn’t take me long to say “of course” and last week I flew to Sitka to start my working vacation.      

Ross the dentist and I had a few days of overlap to help me orient to a new setting and then he left me on my own as he and his wife, 2 kids and an energetic dog flew out to Bristol Bay. His staff is wonderful, the house comes with bikes and kayaks and a killer view with bald eagles flying around and I’ve already played pickleball a few times with the locals.    

  Lauren and her partner Zane arrived a few days ago as the first of three sets of guests that have planned to visit, and thanks to my mom, who considers herself to be a good weather witch, we’ve had some glorious sunny days to get out and about in the stunning scenery.  Zane and I kayaked yesterday in search of whales, but settled for just a nice afternoon on the water without encountering any spouting behemoths, but we may have better luck tomorrow with a boat ride offered by the dental receptionist who is a retired coast guard fellow. It’s been a great start to the summer and hope yours is going well too.


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