Butterflies and retirement

Hola amigos,     

 Back in February some friends convinced me that a visit to a Mexican central highlands town called San Miguel de Allende was worth a visit, so Robin and I hopped a plane south for a week. It’s a beautiful old Spanish colonial city of about 175,000 folks, with cobblestone streets, an impressive central church and square, and plenty of restaurants serving up tasty food and fresh margaritas. One of the draws for the visit was that monarch butterflies from North America migrate every year in the millions to a pine forest a few hours away. We rode horses up a trail and then hiked to a spot in the middle of the forest to immerse ourselves in the magic of thousands of butterflies flittering around. Of course there was also pickleball, wine tours and a local music festival, so it made for a memorable trip.     We returned home for a few weeks before heading back to FL to celebrate my mom’s 95th birthday, and I’m hoping I have her genes to keep on living independently at that age with good mental and physical traits in a nice setting.     The big news from home is that I sent a letter to my patients announcing that after 40 years as a dentist I’m retiring from my practice in Colorado at the end of June. It’s been a great run, from the South Pole to Alaska and lots of interesting places in between, and I may continue to do some part time work in remote settings if the mood is right. Of course not many folks ever called me a workaholic, so I don’t think the transition will be too traumatic. Robin announced her retirement as well, so we’re all set to be spontaneous and hit the road whenever the mood strikes.      Hope that spring is in the air for you and summer not far behind. Send some news from home and raise a toast to retirement.


Almost retired Bob

Cobblestone streets in San Miguel
Main church in front of the town square
Tamale stop on the way to see the butterflies
Monarch butterflies gather on the branches of the pine trees
Trees covered with butterflies
Pickleball with the locals in Mexico
Celebrating mom’s 95th birthday at a favorite waterside restaurant