Water ski evening


Night ski to Scott Base on the frozen Ross Sea


One of the last sunsets a few weeks ago

Hi frozen ski fans,

            The powers that control our fate in the frozen south determined recently that if the sea ice was thick enough to land a 600,000 pound plane that maybe it would be OK to allow people to ski on it. I met with my reliable hiking buddies, Mike and Paul after dinner a few nights ago, and we set off on the frozen Ross Sea for Scott Base, the New Zealand Station located 3 miles around the corner. Technically of course we were skiing on water that is about 1000 feet deep, but 6 feet of ice on the surface was covered with a nice layer of snow to make it a wonderful cross country jaunt for an hour and a half. Upon our arrival, we bellied up to the bar for a Kiwi beer, then retired to the ping pong table to have some fun before catching the late shuttle back to home base and bed.

            The weather weenies down here that fill the TV channels with all sorts of predictions of cold and snow, which is a pretty safe bet year round, have noted on their corner of the web site that the next sunset is Feb 20th at 12:22 AM. That means “no more dark” as Lauren used to say when she was a little nipper and would wake up with a smile on her face. It’s nice not having to deal with issues of nighttime, and sleeping is easy with a double plywood window insert modified by my old carpenter roommate that allows light or dark in the room with a custom removable wooden framed plug.

            I’m scheduled to drive the temperamental Delta truck this afternoon to pick up Happy Campers who have spent the night out, and plan to hand out cookies to soothe their frostbite and hunger pains as well as drum up a little business for the dental clinic. The first extraction on the ice for the season was performed on a lucky patient yesterday, and despite the physicians here itching to get their hands on some dental forceps I told them they could pull a tooth as soon as they let me get some appendectomy experience under my belt. Friends from Colorado have written that they looked out on the first snow of the season since it dropped down into the lower 30’s, which would be a new high for our neck of the woods.

            Send some news from home and enjoy your sunsets.


                        Sunnyside Bob