Underwater to Outer Space

Hanging out at 40 feet with a friendly turtle

Greetings outdoorsmen and women,
     The summer is over and the snow is falling, but not without some highlights of recreation in August. Some good friends in the dental industry, Bob and Barbara, invited Lynn and me to join them in Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean next to Aruba, where their son Thomas and girlfriend Rachel are both scuba instructors. After a moment of thought, we booked a trip to share an Airbnb house with a pool large enough for Lynn to do a refresher scuba course with Rachel. Following that we dove a few times, did a little windsurfing, and Lynn even did a “body dragging” kite surfing lesson, which was more fun than the image she had of a chain behind a pick-up truck. The company and food were great for a week of fun in the sun, and we flew off to Texas from there, tanned and relaxed.
      I was scheduled to do my annual dental workshop in Galveston for the new Antarctica medical team, and they are an interesting and diverse group who hopefully picked up some dental skills for their 6 months on the Ice. I signed up to go back too, but not until December, so they’ll be on their own to deal with dental issues for a while. Some of the new participants are from the University of Texas Aerospace Medicine program, and when I was finished, their instructor, Ed, who previously worked at NASA, asked me if I’d be interested in doing a presentation to the NASA medical folks in the future. Of course I said “yes” and a few weeks ago I was back in Houston with my Dentistry 101 Power Point presentation. My last slide pointed out that I was available for a mission to the space station or the moon, so I’m waiting for the call and it won’t take too long to pack some bags for that one. (Not quite ready to sign up for the 6 month one way to Mars yet)
     Hope your fall is going well and the sun is shining too.
   Bonaire Bob

Lynn and I after a refreshing dive in Bonaire

The Bonaire bunch on the beach at sunset

Rachel gives Lynn some pointers in the pool at the house

Picnic lunch at the windsurfing bay

Lynn working on her kite surfing body dragging

Thomas shows off his upside down levitation trick over the pool

Mountains of sea salt ready for export from Bonaire

Two of the aerospace medicine docs work on each other at the dental workshop

My NASA doc buddy Rahul and his wife gave us a
VIP tour of the Johnson Space Center

A fully suited astronaut is about to be lowered into the 40 foot deep pool, known as the “Neutral Buoyancy Lab” for a 7 hour practice of weightlessness.