Thanksgiving and mass casualities


Prepping 2 turkeys


Cornucopia made of bread


MCI Holleywood wounds

Greetings holiday slackers,

            It’s that time again when I’m writing to those of you are willing to shop till you drop, eat enough food to slip into a tryptophan induced holiday coma, pass out in front of endless football games, or watch your favorite movie for the 275th time and complain that I haven’t written anything witty and entertaining for almost 10 days now. You know  who you are and yet you fail to write me anything of substance about the traditional family dysfunction that is sure to be a part of the holidays as people get all stressed out over the overwhelming expectations of the commercially hyped retail season of brotherhood and cheer. You leave me no choice but to once again threaten to drop you from my email list and banish you to spam hell where you’ll only receive countless messages about Nigerian windfalls, cheap pharmaceuticals and organ enhancement promotions. In other words, please send some news from home about life above the freezing point.

            We’ve been busy here with Thanksgiving feasting, first with a private party for the medical folks last week where I cooked 2 turkeys and everyone else pitched in cooking enough food for a pod of orcas. The second round came this evening with the galley putting out a buffet that would rival any cruise ship extravaganza, so I had to hike this morning and ski this afternoon to prepare for the digestive onslaught. I also had a slice of one of the 60 pecan pies the bakery turned out which was heavenly and am trying to make it up past 9:30PM before dozing off to slumberland.

            Earlier in the week our medical team participated in a mass causality incident, or MCI for short, to see how prepared we are for a good old fashioned disaster, complete with folks from the make-up department festooned with realistic wounds. It all went pretty well and everyone celebrated with cookies and high fives in the end with hopes of never having to experience the real thing. In the dental department, I had a real case of a patient needing a root canal who was flown up from the south pole for my services, and she was treated and released back to the wilds of the pole with a smile and a hug.

            I guided 2 more pressure ridge tours this week and haven’t lost anyone to the melt pools yet, so I may do a few more before retiring with an unblemished record. It actually got up to 32 today and with the sun shining felt like a warm, Antarctic summer day. We still have another day off, which means 2 days in a row to celebrate the start of the holiday season, but without the stores opening at midnight since there are no stores and weeks go by without ever spending any money on anything. Hope your credit cards aren’t maxed and your fridge is full of tasty leftovers.


                        Turkey basting Bob