Summer blizzard


Penguins ready for a swim


Powder skiing at Castle Rock

Hi summer snow worshippers,

           Looks like our 3 weeks of warm weather in the 30’s is over, since a nice blizzard moved in this morning. January 19 here would be the equivalent of July 19 in North America, except that there’s about 6 inches of the white stuff on the ground and more coming down every hour. The timing is perfect for the summer marathon tomorrow morning, which is run on a glacier for 26 miles and no doubt there will be plenty of hard core runners and skiers ready to go when I pull up in a Delta to take them to the start of the course. I’m planning to take my skis along to get some exercise while I wait 3 hours for the finishers and maybe sing some camp songs while we drive back to the town. We may have to slow down as we pass by the New Zealand base since the prime minister is visiting this weekend and no doubt they will be on high alert for rogue penguins or seals.

            We’ve had some more penguin visits lately as the sea ice is melting and there are pockets of open water for them to pop up for a rest. Hopefully the Russian icebreaker will make it to our ice pier in two weeks time, and I’m told to expect to treat some of them in my dental chair, which will allow me to resurrect my rusty 16 year old Russian dental vocabulary. Since the average Russian only needs a months worth of dental care it will be interesting to see what they want me to do for them.

            Last weekend the fire department hosted an open house, and I went by for a visit and got a chance to don a full suit with an air tank and handheld infrared sensor. Next task was to enter a visually impairing smoke filled building to find the warm body and drag it out, all the while sweating and there wasn’t even a fire to really warm things up. It all gave me a new appreciation for the madness of running into a burning building and realize how nice it is to make a living by grinding teeth to dust.

            I’m told my plans to return to the South Pole have come together and I’ll travel 800 miles south again in a few weeks with the new doctor who is hired to spend the winter there. I’ll teach the doc about handling dental emergencies as well as clean the teeth of other workers who have signed up to winter over in the 8 months of cold and darkness, which by itself should be enough to commit them to a place for the mentally insane. After that I’ll be on the one week countdown to meet Pat in New Zealand, which she’ll enjoy even more since as I type this she is sitting out a snow storm outside of London on her latest assignment with her job at Bosch.

            Hope your new year is starting off well and the snow isn’t too deep to get out and have some fun.


                    Ax brandishing Bob


Fireman Bob ready to axe down a door