Ski time on the ice


Ski hop on the glacier


The ski pile at Gear Issue


Skis in place with a warning sign

Greetings ice skiers,

      Last Sunday the weather looked promising, which means it was warmer than -60, so a few friends and I ventured out on cross country skis for a few hours to take in the scenery and get some exercise. It was a great morning to be out and about, and gave us an even better reason to chow down at brunch on all the goodies the galley crew puts out. The kick and glide works pretty well on the nearby glacier until you hit the raw ice that has all the snow blown off, and then it’s a real test of your knees and thighs as you scrape along, but no one had to visit the emergency clinic so it was a total success.

            Since my dental schedule was pretty light this morning, as in no one wanted to see me or my drill, I volunteered to tackle the tangle of skis that were available from the gear issue store, where you can borrow all sorts on sports gear, musical instruments, or even props for shows or pranks. Mike, the head of recreation warned me that efforts to keep the skis in order have failed in the past, but he gave me the key and wished me “good luck!” I sorted and organized for 3 hours and when I was done I hung up a little sign to try and convince those that live by the chaos theory that they might think twice before throwing the skis around, so we’ll see if threats and humor carry any weight among the frozen few, the proud, the McMurdians.

     Hope you’re sliding into a pool and not a crevasse.


            Ski Shooshing Bob