Living Large!

Greetings homebodies,

            I’ve had a number of requests for what our luxurious living arrangements look like which led to a photo shoot this afternoon of our humble surroundings. Pictured below are the dorm buildings, entrance, hallway and the room I share with my new roommate, who is a great guy from Michigan who only snores a little. It’s pretty spartan for a guy who’s used to five star hotels, concierges and assistants to pour his Perrier and Moet, so he sent me in his place. Note how the bathroom shower and toilet have that Feng Shui cell block C aura which I think was borrowed from the Russian gulag design of the Stalin era. But it’s clean, safe, might be warm by December, and if you look close at the picture of me on the bed you’ll see not one, but two desk lamps, thanks to my adding an unused lamp from work for our bedside reading pleasure. This is a huge upgrade and would classify our room as a platinum suite if the hotel grading system folks came though with a blindfold and were high on meth. We’re used to it by now, like you get used to the monkey house smell at the zoo and if I’m honest is really is more comfortable than an infected knife wound. It’s a place to call home and lay my head to sleep each night as the snow drifts through the window and the wind howls like a mortally wounded coyote.

            My hopes for skiing this morning were quashed by weather condition two, which meant cold, blowing snow and visibility as far as an advanced cataract eye could see. Undeterred, my buddy and I went for an hour long hike in 60 mph winds and drifting snow, and it really felt invigorating to be in the great outdoors with the seals and penguins, who we never saw because they were probably holed up in ice caves to get out of the tornado like conditions. We made it back in time to feast on brunch and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the station. Hope your weekend is pleasant and you appreciate your spacious living.


                 Bedside reading Bob


Soviet style inspired architecture for the dorm buildings


Sparkling dorm entrance with fake thermostat mounted on the wall


Dorm hallway with our suite 109 just off the sunroom for the pool and spa


My bed with NASA engineered sealed window (aluminum foil) and TWO desk lamps


Custom sink with spring loaded faucets and wardrobes complete the ensemble


Versace shower with curtain upgrade


Lid free toilet doubles as a humidifier