Halloween fun


Tooth Devil outfit


The Hulk and his sidekick


Brian the Nerd and I


Shiney DC-3 and Mt. Erebus, the volcano, in the background


Hi Ghoulies,

            Last Saturday night was our Halloween celebration at the bottom of the world, billed as one of the big parties of the season. I went as the tooth devil who steals your money and pulls your teeth, and the real teeth and rusty pliers in the necklace I wore got the biggest response. Some of the other costumes were far more imaginative and everyone enjoyed the chance to act weirder than normal, which is the status quo for most of the folks here anyway.

            My first solo run to pick up Happy Campers from their overnight survival course took a little longer than expected since I was enjoying the sunshine and scenery along the frozen sea that I missed the turnoff and drove a mile and a half beyond the pick-up point. It wasn’t a secret for long since my radio call in and response to turn around was broadcast on the vehicle radio network, but they booked me to drive two more runs this week so that’s proof of how desperate they are for drivers. You might think it’s hard to miss a group of 20 half frozen souls standing on the ice in hopes of getting out of the cold and wind but the mind can play tricks on you when looking out on the great void of endless frozen ocean.

            Yesterday I skied to the ice runway and visited one of the air traffic guys for a bit before turning around and making it back in time for brunch and an afternoon nap. It was a great day off from the medical building and now I’m ready to face another week of dental, cooking and driving tasks. Hope your Halloween is freak-free and your driving is flawless.


                        Ice driving Bob