Fun times in New Caledonia

Bonjour mes amis,

   Following a successful escape from the Ice after a 4 day delay because of a broken plane sent back to Hawaii for repairs, I spent a few days in Christchurch enjoying the deluge from Cyclone Gita with my pharmacy and ping pong buddy, Tien. My 90 year old mom, who brags she’s already 91, hesitantly took off from Miami and in the end I was only an hour late meeting her in Auckland. We enjoyed 2 days of walking around the harbor and spending an evening with Hamish, a doc I worked with at the South Pole 2 years ago.

    We then jetted off for a 3 hour flight to the French territory of New Caledonia with the promise of sunshine, warm beaches, a beautiful reef for scuba diving and wind for kite sailing and windsurfing. I’ve checked all those boxes off already with 4 more days to go, so it’s all icing on the cake at this point. My mom and I get out for a stroll a few times a day, usually along the beach scene, and have found plenty of restaurants to compare fresh fish and chocolate mousse each evening. That plus some rousing Scrabble matches have kept the neurons from deteriorating too rapidly.

   Our first hotel had a killer view of the beach, but the room was tiny so after 4 days there we switched to a suite in a hotel a block from the beach. The trade off for the view was two rooms with a kitchen plus a great breakfast included. I didn’t realize I had signed up for the $22/day “continental” breakfast instead of the $35/day “delux” buffet, and have defied the croissant police each morning when I snag an extra chocolate croissant beyond the contracted limit. Adding to my arterial challenge is the fresh Brie cheese and duck pate I found at the market yesterday. There is also an amazing French bakery a block away if you want to add more butter to the menu.

    I biked downtown this morning for some exercise, but will probably stick to water sports for the duration. Hope your winter is keeping you busy, and send a note from home.


     Croissant 🥐 Bob

Loading the Kiwi chopper in the C-17

Sitting inside the plane

Tien and I at the Canteburry Table Tennis Center

Auckland restaurant with Hamish, the South Pole doc

A good motto to live by!

Mom in front of the Queen Elizabeth in Auckland

Auckland hilltop

Kite sailing beach in Noumea, New Caledonia

Cruise ship passes by the kite sailing beach

Lobsters for sale at the local market in Noumea, New Caledonia