Frosty Boy is down!


Frosty Boy, the anchor of all desserts

Steak, lobster and corn were a good start

Greetings foodies,

The meals have continued to impress me, and the streak and lobster with a dozen sides didn’t disappoint the other night. However there was a palpable tension in the dining area, known as the galley, and the murmuring finally reached my table when hushed voices revealed that Frosty Boy was down! For those of you with less intuitive sense that a mollusk, Frosty Boy is the soft serve ice cream machine that is supposed to be available 24/7 to smooth over any bumps in the road, be they physical or psychological, and when the harsh reality of a non functioning apparatus such as this is revealed to the expectant masses, it’s difficult to anticipate the level of post traumatic stress that follows. We soldiered on of course, and fortunately repair crews were dispatched in time to prevent any scenes of rampant carnage, and by lunch the next day peace and order were restored to the universe in the form of a smooth, even flow of creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream with a myriad of toppings, including mini M & M’s, crushed Oreo cookies, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and the ever popular ground Butterfinger bars.

In less anxiety producing news, the weather was downgraded to condition 2 last night with the wind chill hitting 45 below zero, so I decided to head back to the room for an early evening instead of hiking down to the gym for some volleyball, which I hope to do next week. My dental schedule is filling up a little more, and I’m still meeting new folks in the galley to revel them with tales of modern dentistry in our 60’s era clinic. Hope your ice cream is cold and your bed is toasty.


Frosty Boy fan, Bob