Easiest job in Antarctica!


Back door of the Medical/Dental clinic at McMurdo


Bob tests a new drill on John before he leaves the Ice

Hi job seekers,

            I had a new patient stop by this afternoon for a quick check of his teeth, and in conversation I asked about his job here at McMurdo. He matter of factly answered that he was a refrigeration specialist, which struck me as being as ironic as selling ice to Eskimos to hire someone to advise about keeping things cold in a place where it rarely gets above freezing. Today it was 20 below most of the day with a wind chill of 40 below, which is referred to as condition 3. That means it’s just fine to stroll around without a concern about the balmy weather. Condition 2 is when the wind chill is between 50 and 100 below zero, which we’d had a few times since my arrival last week, and condition 1 is a blowing white out with the wind chill at 100 or more below zero, which was the situation the first day here that required everyone to bundle up and travel using the ropes as guidance between buildings. So, if at the end of the day the SAR team (Search and Rescue) didn’t have to risk life and limb to find some frozen chap who took a wrong turn on his way to dinner, then all is well in Mactown.

            My dental suite is shaping up nicely, except for the windows that look out on the snow drift in the back of the building, so I need to get motivated to do some serious snow removal when the sun is up and the wind is down. It’s been fun finding all the dental hardware left around for the past 50 years, and we got one of the old belt driven drills running just in time to test it out on the winter doc before he departed for a warmer future. I should be fully operational by the end of the week and will hope for some root canals, extractions and fillings to fill my schedule or I may have to resort to drumming up business by slipping some small ball bearings in the chicken salad this weekend. Hope your teeth are sound and your refrigeration is cold.


                        Back door shoveling Bob