Darkness savings time


How about a nice 8 inch orange sea spider?


The control tower on the left next to the ice runway

Hi time travelers,

            Now that we’re at 18 hours of daylight, and will be at 24 within a few weeks, the idea of changing the clocks to have the sun up longer in the day makes as much sense as an ice cream bar in Antarctica, which we had last night to compliment the usual 6000 calorie meal. We officially went on daylight savings time and moved the clock forward an hour because it’s spring down here and we stay in sync with New Zealand. In reality our darkness is disappearing at the rate of 20 minutes/day, so soon it will be sunglasses weather 24/7 and any reference to nighttime will seem out of place. It’s Sunday here, which means a well deserved day off for most of us, and I did a great hike with a few buddies before coming back for the gorge fest known as brunch. Today some fresh cinnamon buns and a cheese and mushroom omelet really hit the spot before I went to a science presentation at one of the research labs in town. We finished the tour at the touch tank and the orange sea spider that lives in the near frozen sea out the back door caught my attention, so I gave him a look at our world before setting him back in the tank before he had any thoughts of biting me with a yet to be discovered ice venom.

            We toured the completed 10,000 foot ice runway earlier in the week and were told it is ready for the first flights we have seen in a month which are due to arrive tomorrow. They’ll bring new researchers and support personnel, but more importantly “freshies”, which are fruits and vegetables that have been sorely missed among the food choices. Within the next two weeks McMurdo will grow to nearly 1000 people and it marks the official start of summer, so we’ll be breaking out the shorts and Mai-Tais in no time, or not. The pasty skin toned winter folks will be departing as well, but many will return in February to start another winter season. Some even head north to work in the northern polar regions once they leave here, since apparently 8 months of cold and darkness just wasn’t enough to get them labeled as completely insane. Hope your sunshine is warm and enjoy the sunsets while you can.


                        Basking Bob