Civilized trip to Bermuda

Bermuda Smiles with Lauren

Hi travel fans,

During the summer I visited Lauren in Florida and asked her if she would be interested in a father/daughter trip sometime. After a moment of thought she said “Yes! but not on some crazy adventure trip” like she imagines I would choose. Not sure where she got that idea, but I asked her to come up with a place and we would discuss it. She picked Bermuda and in mid October we were on our way to a new destination for both of us. It was a wonderful place, and a special time to have a week together. One interesting excursion that she came up with was to sea kayak out and under the bridge to the airport, pull up on a new beach, hike through a park to a large pool of inland water known as The Blue Hole, and jump off a small cliff into the water to snorkel around. I was surprised but said “of course!” knowing if I had suggested that type of itinerary it would have been met with suspicion and caution, but since it was her suggestion it was perfectly fine. We also rented one of the first electric rental cars on the island, since it’s the only place I’ve ever visited that doesn’t have rental cars for tourists to keep the roads less crowded. It was a neat vehicle with a touch screen for forward and reverse and a max speed of about 35, and we listened to the warning that there were only 3 charging stations on the island so we didn’t run out of juice before returning it the next morning.

Just prior to that trip I spent some time in NJ with my brother helping our mom sell her house so she can enjoy full time living in Florida. We scheduled real estate agents, estate salesmen, crawl space renovators and a whirlwind mix of other folks, and had the house listed and contracted in less than a week, and 3 weeks later mom was lounging in her condo by the beach with the closing behind her. Naturally I found some pickleball in the NJ neighborhood, and played a few days with some goodfellows who were straight out of central casting for NJ mafia. They waxed poetic about the good old days with Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters, so I went easy on them on the courts just to keep it a friendly game.

Back home, I spent a day in Greeley doing some volunteer dentistry for the Colorado Mission of Mercy which is always an enriching experience, and then sent out emails for dental donations for the next Alaska sojourn.


Bermuda Bob

Lauren relaxes in paradise

Sea kayak trip to the far beach

Jump into the Blue Hole

Lauren and E-car

Bermuda sunset

COMOM in Greeley

CO made wind turbine blades 2 train cars long