Chief chicken picker and Penguins


Bob debuts in the Galley


Emperor penguins on the march!


Hi Kitchen helpers,

            If you’ve ever dreamed about deboning 40 pounds of leftover chicken in the midst of a kitchen cacophony that serves 400 people you can imagine the thrill at having it all come true. I offered to help in the galley as it is known at McMurdo if my dental schedule lightened up, and my wish was granted this afternoon after I finished my last patient at 3:00 PM. The head chef, Rich, a charmingly antagonistic Chicago transplant dubbed me as chief chicken picker, and for an hour and a half I pulled cooked chicken off the bone for another days meal. I think it was a probationary test of endurance and fortitude, and from there I was offered a sharp knife and a Hyflex cut resistant glove to protect my fingers while slicing ribs for tomorrow night. As a reward for proving that I could complete a task and not draw any blood I got to keep the glove and a coveted galley hat and plan to return for more culinary lessons as my schedule permits.

            Earlier in the day the medical clinic was unexpectedly closed for 45 minutes when a penguin alert went out over the internal communication system, and we all rushed out to get our first glimpse of a group of Emperor penguins on a leisurely stroll along the sea ice. They squawked and argued about which direction to go, with the males refusing to ask for advice and the females nagging all the way, just like in other species that shall remain nameless. It was a real high to see them at ease in their natural habitat as we froze our tootsies off, and we soon reopened the medical center to take care of more mundane tasks.

            Hope your chicken is tender and your penguin sightings are plentiful.


                  Deboning Bob