Boomerang time

Comfy inside the C-17 cargo plane

Hi flying fans,

      We boarded the massive C-17 cargo plane this afternoon in Christchurch,New Zealand with high hopes of making an uneventful 5 hour flight to McMurdo station in Antarctica, but mother nature had other plans for us. After reaching the frozen continent and circling a few times, the weather deteriorated to a point where it was time to turn back, or “boomerang”, and we are currently heading north to land where it all began. The real bummer is that we don’t even get frequent flier miles for the 10 hour, 5000 mile roundtrip, but it was a great test run and we’ll be even better prepared when we get to do this again, which will be either tomorrow or whenever the weather clears enough to make another run to the ice.

            On the plus side, I thought the bag lunch of 2 sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, a muffin, small Mars bar, apple, double granola bar and water bottle was pretty tasty, and I’ve still got my apple to munch for the return trip. To balance that out, the 2 bathrooms on this airborne behemoth are now full, so it’s time to “think dry” as my dad used to say in such situations. I did get to test my new noise cancellation headphones and Ipod Nano, and am happy to report they all worked better than expected, and this computer is currently plugged into a convenient 110 outlet above my head along the fuselage that I spotted earlier in the flight, so when I’m done composing this note it’s going to be movie time! Hope your travels go better than this one, but we’re all happy and healthy so no worries.


Boomerang Bob