Antarctica Upgrade!

Greetings summer worshipers,

My two 65 lb. bags are packed and I’m heading south tomorrow morning to begin an epic journey to the bottom of the planet. Last week I received an enthusiastic email from Scott, the ex-astronaut physician who will oversea the medical operations in Antarctica, that proclaimed that I had been upgraded. Of course I assumed that somehow the powers that be decided to make part of the 32 hours of flying more comfortable and had moved me to business or first class, but came to find out they had moved me up in the sequence of flying to the Ice, and I was now scheduled to have a coveted seat on the first flight in for the season when the sun peeks over the horizon for the first time in months. The idea was sold to me as a privilege, or an honor to be advanced to such a worthy position on a plane that is scheduled to land on an ice runway barely visible in the brief sunrise, although I suspected that it was more like the Viking who was chosen to demonstrate his courage and loyalty by stepping up to the contraption that eviscerates him in the glorious fashion of the day that I saw in a movie eons ago.

In any event, I’m psyched to begin this adventure and land on a new world of snow and ice, and filled with new friends and colleagues. I found out that snail mail and packages can be sent to me by cargo plane with normal US postage at the following address:

Robert Koff, LMPSC
McMurdo Station
PSC 469 Box 700
APO AP 96599-1035

So, I’d love to hear some news from home, or even a surprise package with say, something unexpected like Milano cookies or a banana cream pie. Until then, hope your summer remains balmy and I expect to spin some icy tales before too long.


Upgraded Bob